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On the sixth yes on the seventh barges a Russian cabbage soup of all was more tasty - with sevrjugoj, with Sturgeon, with beluzhinoj. Suprotiv others workers on the eighth have been offended The barge - there could not steal: at the manhole in murju the pilot sat with vodolivami behind cards; and luggage to meal was incapable - vorvan... Had well supper, on a hand was the worker that twice suprotiv usual ate, Russian cabbage soup is made also porridge is filled up was still before blind has run away. Other and In a mouth did not climb, yes not to leave kindly - ponatuzhilis and all clean Have eaten. Two thirds of workers, having gorged on, immediately to sleep were filled up, the person with Twenty in a small group has gathered. Again tritely galdene. As on kamennu a wall they hoped for Vasilja Fadeeva and any more Were afraid neither water, nor lock-ups, sendings home on a stage; cheerful hour Has rolled, children began to be amused: struggled, on sticks lasted, fought on Cams, and in the end loudly have started singing a song: As we will sing, children, about the wet nurse, About the wet nurse about ours. Volga-mother, Ah, well! Oh you to me! Volga-mother. We have swum for a while on the mother and up and down, We have trampled, children, it are abrupt berezhki. Ah, well! Oh you to me! It are abrupt berezhki. We proceeded on a strap all it sand are yellow, If we floated, rebjatushki, from Fish to Kostroma, Ah, well! Oh you to me! As from Fish to Kostroma.